Plaza Mayor s/n, 49001 Zamora – Spain

Municipal Development Office, Department of Tourism and Development

Plaza de la Leña s/n, 49001 Zamora

Tel.: +34 980 532030.




Zamora City Council is the main beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project. Since 1998, its Municipal Development Office has included a department that specialises in managing European projects, corroborating the entity’s extensive and optimal experience in these kinds of procedures.

Its role within the project is to recover heritage elements related to the River Douro, enhancing the value of the various mills located along the course of the river and jointly and appropriately signposting any elements that might attract and boost tourism.

Largo D. João III


Miranda do Douro – PORTUGAL

Tel.: (+351) 273430020.



Municipio de Miranda do Douro

The Municipality of Miranda do Douro, a beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project, has a municipal tourism service aimed at launching activities linked to the promotion and enhancement of local heritage and the services associated with it.

Its role in the project is to strengthen the recovery and preservation of natural and cultural assets and to encourage synergies that will have a positive impact on the socio-economic wellbeing of cross-border communities. The municipality’s specific aim is to enhance its tangible and intangible heritage, at the same time as contributing to promoting a sustainable environment where tourism quality is the key factor to invigorate this region.

Laguna de Duero Town Council.

Plaza Mayor 1. 47140

Laguna de Duero (Valladolid). Spain.

Tel.: (+34) 983 540022




The Iberian Association of Douro Riverside Municipalities (AIMRD), a beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project, is a not-for-profit Spanish-Portuguese cooperation association comprising 41 city councils and municipal boards. Since 1993 it has worked to develop the River Douro axis, from the river’s source to its mouth. As the main cooperation entity in relation to the River Douro, AIMRD’s role is to promote and create an integral development project that will result in generating new tourism products and new forms of introduction to, awareness of, accessibility and promotion of the region, using the River Douro as the point of reference.

AIMRD is also the founder and chair of the Municipality Network, part of the Iberian Network of Cross-Border Cooperation Entities (RIET)

Its role within the project is to raise awareness among the various players under criteria of environmental sustainability and tourism quality, and to thus achieve the granting of a quality seal and an added value related to the promotion of tourism excellence in the region.

Department of Sports Science, Exercise and Health/Centre for Research and Agro-Environmental and Biological Technologies (CITAB)

Quinta de Prados, 5000-801 Vila Real – Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 259350000.



Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)

The University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), a beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project, encourages the relationship between the university, public-private institutions and society to promote and apply scientific knowledge and foster strategic alliances that will allow for contributing to the regional development of the cooperation area.

Its role within the project is to provide continuity to the implementation of the Douro-Duero tourism quality mark, through the creation and dissemination of hiking routes in the Douro region, promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles, giving priority to protecting and conserving natural resources and cultural and historical heritage, while at the same time boosting riverside areas from an economic and touristic perspective.

C/ Valle de Arán, 5

47010 Valladolid – Spain

Tel.: (+34) 983 252210.



Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora para la Construcción Eficiente

The Innovative Business Group for Efficient Construction (AEICE), a beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project, brings together over 100 entities that are multidisciplinary in nature, many of which specialise in cultural heritage; the analysis, assessment and preservation of artistic/cultural, archaeological and natural heritage; as well as direct intervention in heritage assets through conservation, restoration, renovation and the promotion, communication and dissemination of heritage values, with the Duero Douro initiative being key for this.

Its role in the project is to promote innovation based on the use and preservation of natural and heritage resources as well as territorial and social cohesion, and to raise awareness of this among the public by creating a web platform with georeferenced services and organising cultural events where the activities carried out within the project are publicised.

Casa Luelmo C/ Ancares s/n

Parque Alameda 47008 Valladolid – Spain

Tel.: (+34) 983 219700.


Fundación Santa María la Real del Patrimonio Histórico

A beneficiary of the Flumen Durius project, this foundation has extensive experience in managing national and international projects dedicated to the restoration, conservation and enhancement of heritage, as well as the cultural and economic invigoration of the region.

Its role within the project is to identify, assess the state of use and conservation of different heritage elements, as well as to disseminate the most representative values of this region. The aim is for heritage to be maintained and serve as an appealing element to attract new visitors and tourists to the area.


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